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Download Carnivores: Cityscape for PC

    Carnivores: Cityscape
    TitleCarnivores: Cityscape
    DevelopersSunstorm Interactive
    Release date2002
    GenrePC Games > Action, Shooter

    Download Carnivores: Cityscape

    Carnivores_Cityscape_Win_ROM_EN.7z (379.05 MB)

    So, imagine you’re sipping hot cocoa in your cozy city apartment and, bam! Out of the blue, you spot a sleek fox trotting down the sidewalk. It sounds like something out of a fairytale, right? Well, this isn’t a make-believe story; it’s happening in many cities around the world!

    Why Are They Here?

    Good question! Why would a wild animal want to be in a bustling city? It might be due to:

    • Lack of Space: Their natural homes, like forests, are shrinking. That’s a bit like if someone took away parts of your playground bit by bit. You’d need to find a new place to play, right?
    • Yummy Scraps: Cities are like big buffets for them! With all the trash we produce, they find lots of tasty leftovers.
    • Safety: Believe it or not, cities can be safer for some animals. Fewer big predators around mean fewer worries.

    Some Cool City Carnivores

    Let’s play a game! Can you guess which carnivores are making cities their new playgrounds?

    Sneaky Foxes

    Have you ever played hide and seek? Foxes are experts at it! They sneak around our neighborhoods, especially during the night. And guess what? They’re very good at finding food and even raise their cute little fox babies amidst the city hustle.

    The Raccoon Bandits

    Raccoons look like they’re wearing little masks, right? It’s as if they’re always ready for a costume party! These clever critters have hands that can open trash cans, doors, and even unzip bags. If there was a prize for the smartest city carnivore, raccoons might just win!

    High-flying Hawks

    Look up! You might spot a hawk circling above. These magnificent birds have figured out that cities are full of pigeons to munch on. Plus, tall buildings are great for perching and keeping an eye out for their next meal.

    Living in Harmony

    Now, here’s a thought: How do we live happily alongside these wild visitors? After all, it’s their world too!

    Respect Their Space

    Even if they look cute, remember they’re still wild. It’s like how you wouldn’t disturb someone playing a game or reading a book. Let them be, and admire from a distance.

    Keep Our Cities Clean

    If we don’t want animals rummaging through our trash, we should be better about cleaning up. It’s like putting away your toys after playing; it keeps things tidy for everyone!

    Educate and Share

    Talk to your friends and family about our wild neighbors. The more we know, the better we can live together.

    In Conclusion

    Carnivores in the cityscape is like a real-life adventure unfolding right before our eyes! From sneaky foxes to clever raccoons, these animals are finding ways to adapt in our world. And remember, it’s up to us to make sure they feel welcome and safe.

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