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Download Carnivores: Ice Age for PC

    Carnivores: Ice Age
    TitleCarnivores: Ice Age
    PublishersWizardWorks, Infogrames
    DevelopersAction Forms
    Release date2001
    GenrePC Games > Shooter

    Download Carnivores: Ice Age

    Carnivores_Ice_Age_Win_Files_EN.7z (43 MB)Carnivores_Ice_Age_Win_Files_Mods_EN.7z (43 MB)

    Ever felt like stepping into a chilly, snowy wonderland where big, impressive creatures roam the land? Well, buddy, I’ve got the perfect thing for you – Carnivores: Ice Age! Let me spill the beans on this cool game. And trust me, it’s cooler than an ice cream sundae on a winter day.

    Setting the Scene

    Imagine a place where huge mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and other ice age giants still exist. Sounds fantastic, right? Carnivores: Ice Age takes you to this amazing place! It’s like going on a time-traveling adventure without leaving your comfy couch.

    Why the Ice Age?

    The Ice Age is a period from long ago when the world was much colder than it is now. Big, woolly mammoths and many other creatures roamed freely. Have you ever built a snowman? Well, think of the entire world as one big snowball!

    The Aim of the Game

    So, what’s the game all about? It’s simple! In Carnivores: Ice Age, you’ll go on hunts in this icy world. But wait, it’s not just about hunting. It’s about exploring, observing, and learning about these majestic creatures.

    Tools of the Trade

    In the game, you’ll get cool tools and gadgets to help you on your hunts. Binoculars to see from a distance, tracking devices to find your way, and tranquilizers to make sure those big guys take a safe nap.

    The Amazing Animals You’ll Meet

    Let’s talk about the stars of the show, the animals!

    Woolly Mammoths

    Have you ever seen an elephant? Imagine an elephant with long, curly hair and big tusks. That’s a mammoth for you! They’re like the gentle giants of the Ice Age.

    Saber-toothed Tigers

    Picture a big cat, like a lion, but with super long fangs! These guys might look fierce, but they’re just trying to survive like everyone else.

    And Many More!

    There are many other critters you’ll meet. Some might be friendly, some might be a bit grumpy, but all of them are super fascinating!

    Staying Safe in the Game

    Remember, even if it’s a game, safety comes first. Always approach animals with caution and respect. We don’t want any virtual toes getting stepped on by a mammoth, do we?

    Why Everyone is Loving It

    Carnivores: Ice Age is not just about fun. It’s about learning too. By playing, you’ll get to know about creatures that once roamed our earth. It’s like a trip to a museum, but way more interactive and exciting!

    Tips and Tricks

    Here’s a little secret for you. To be really good at the game, you don’t just need quick fingers. You also need a keen eye and a big heart. The more you care about the creatures, the more fun you’ll have!

    Wrapping it Up with a Snowy Bow

    So there you have it, my chilly buddy! Carnivores: Ice Age is a fantastic game that combines adventure, learning, and tons of frosty fun. It’s like taking a trip back in time to meet some of the coolest creatures that ever lived.

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    Download Carnivores: Ice Age for PC

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