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DK I Love Science

    DK I Love Science
    TitleDK I Love Science
    PublishersDK Multimedia
    DevelopersDK Multimedia
    Release date1998
    GenrePC Games > Educational

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    Lets experiment DK I love Science.

    Are you someone who loves to learn and try new experiments? Someone who is crazy enough to know about the fictional world Lets learn and understand some new facts and fiction through a game called DK I love science. Everything that is alive in this world has some hidden reason for its survival.

    Lets wear our lab coats and gloves and enter the laboratory.

    Entering the science fiction world.

    DK Multimedia developed a fictional education game in 1998, available on various platforms, specifically for children deeply passionate about science. The science subject is full of mysteries and logics but the game makes it very clear to know the hard topics. DK Multimedia has made sure that their users can play this game without much use of the science logics. With the experiments, safety is also important that is also taught in the game. The main focus of the game is to fascinate the small age groups children to play this experimental game. DK, I Love Science, imparts new methods, experiments, and problem-solving abilities to foster the development of a mature youth. Through this game, 5 to 12 ages of students can work on some new projects with their innovative minds.

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    Test the activities of the learning world.

    The activities in the game are very easy to do, and you can experiment the practical in the labs using the test tubes and guidance. DK, I Love Science, is divided into three subjects, mirroring those found in the realm of real fiction. One of them is full of equations, chemistry; the second comes with the living things biology; and the last one left is physics. The students have to complete the given task to score good marks in the experiments. The developers have designed real-world activities and exhilarating games to enable students to apply their skills and acquire innovative teachings crafted under the guidance of science experts.

    Farewell time for DK I love Science.

    In its conclusion, the Dk I Love Science satisfies a parent’s needs according to the growing youth. It also provides the power to think scientifically, and by keeping the same, students can gain good marks in subjects like science in their classrooms themselves. Education has no age bars, even though some parents can also revise their concepts through this game. At the end, let’s close it with the achievements of your child and try to come back with a fresh thinking style. Have a look at the experiments and make it a beneficial game for you.

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