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DK My First Amazing British Isles Explorer

    DK My First Amazing British Isles Explorer
    TitleDK My First Amazing British Isles Explorer
    PublishersDorling Kindersley
    DevelopersDK Multimedia
    Release date1999
    GenrePC Games > Educational

    From castle to cliffs: Discovering the hidden gems of the British Isles.

    Education nowadays, has earned the attention of many parents. Parents are more concerned about the growth of their children and are not ready to even compromise a single penny. Are you one of them who is searching for an educational game? The British Isles Explorer game is here for children to explore a world that has some amazing hidden concepts. Let’s explore the world full of learning in a fun-loving way!

    Get your pencils, erasers, and pages; the mystical adventure is ahead.

    Time Travelers: Conquering the Isles, One step at a time.

    The educational game, DK My First Amazing British Isles Explorer, was developed by amazing developers, namely DK Interactive Learning, in 1999 for children to play on computers. The game revolves around the story of a character named Joe, who mistakenly left some important stuff in his bedroom while travelling to a new place.

    Players, you have to help him with different hidden packets by searching them and getting medals in return. The game is about solving some problems and answering the quiz to get the hidden items. The game consists of four various activities for playing. Some clues are also provided throughout the game with that players can focus on locations, flags, definitions, etc.

    Write your own story of Glory.

    The game pops up with five challenges and each challenge has ten rounds. The gameplay is easy and requires attention as you look carefully to search out the packets. You get to see some clue left behind every location. The clue must ccccbe solved by the player in the first challenge. The second challenge is making a sticker book, in which the player has to collect some stickers by answering multiple questions with some options.

    The third challenge is very interesting and requires speed to reach the goal. It’s Raise the Flag Quiz. In this, the player has to collect all five flags and for every flag needs to answer some questions, which will result in driving the car to the winning line. After collecting the hidden stuffs and answering the questions, the player has to deliver the packet to Joe. The successful delivering of the packet is marked as the final round of the game.

    In the last challenge, player can do different activities where they can search for maps, outline and print them. The game creates a sense of curiosity among the children of ages 5 to 12. Parents can even help the children in finding the clues and solving the puzzles and the difficulty level increases as the challenging round moves up.

    A Journey to remember.

    Players time to explore this unique game where you can solve the puzzles of the mysterious room for your friend Joe. Are you ready to collect the postcards and maps with your detective skills? The game creates an overall development of the mind through its various challenging tasks. Get ready to turn your stickers into a project book. Let’s learn, create, and grow together in a world full of puzzles and riddles!

    Download DK My First Amazing British Isles Explorer

    The game is available to download on Multiple Platforms. DK My First Amazing British Isles Explorer PC Game download links are given below:

    Windows (1999) (268.4MB)

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