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Download Driv3r for PC

    PublishersAtari, Sorrent (mobile version)
    DevelopersReflections Interactive (console and PC), Velez & Dubail (Game Boy Advance)
    Release date2004
    GenrePC Games > Shooter

    Download Driv3r (1.07 GB)

    Have you ever dreamt of driving fast cars, chasing baddies, and being the hero of your own tale? If yes, then let me take you on a journey through the magical world of Driv3r. Fasten your seat belts, because here we go!

    Why is Driv3r So Cool?

    Imagine this: you’re given a huge, open world, where you can drive (almost) any car you see. Cool, right? And guess what? Driv3r lets you do just that! But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

    What’s the Story All About?

    In Driv3r, you step into the shoes of Tanner, an undercover detective. It’s like pretending to be someone you’re not, which sounds fun, right? Tanner is on a mission to stop bad people, and he’s got some really cool cars to help him out.

    Cars, Cars, and More Cars!

    The cars in this game are amazing. Have you ever seen those shiny toy cars in stores? Well, imagine those, but bigger and faster. And the best part? You get to drive them!

    A World to Explore

    Think of the biggest playground you’ve ever been to. Now, make it 10 times bigger. That’s Driv3r for you!

    Cities Full of Secrets

    Three cities await you: Miami, Nice, and Istanbul. Ever dreamt of visiting the beach in Miami? Or exploring the historic streets of Istanbul? Now’s your chance!

    Danger Lurks Around Every Corner

    Remember how we said Tanner is on a mission? Well, there are people who don’t want him to succeed. You have to outsmart them, outdrive them, and sometimes even play a game of hide and seek!

    Fun Challenges Await

    Apart from the main story, there are lots of mini-games and challenges. It’s like when you’re given a toy, and it has multiple ways to play with it. The fun never ends!

    Tips for New Drivers

    Okay, rookie driver, here’s a secret tip for you: always keep an eye out for shortcuts and hidden paths. They might just save the day! And remember, driving fast is fun, but driving smart is smarter.

    The Magic of Friendship

    Along the way, Tanner meets some friends who help him out. Just like in real life, friends make everything better. Whether it’s providing clues or lending a hand, they’re always there. So, always value your pals, both in games and in real life!

    So, What’s the Big Deal?

    Why should you dive into Driv3r? Well, because it’s a world where dreams come true. You get to be a hero, drive cool cars, and explore new places. And just between us, isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

    To Sum It All Up

    Driv3r is more than just a game; it’s an adventure waiting for you to dive in. With fast cars, exciting challenges, and a world full of secrets, it’s your ticket to endless fun. So next time you’re looking for an adventure, just remember Tanner and his cool rides, and embark on the journey of a lifetime

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