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Download MechCommander 2 for PC

    MechCommander 2
    TitleMechCommander 2
    DevelopersFASA Interactive
    Release date2001
    GenrePC Games > Strategy

    Download MechCommander 2

    MechCommander2.rar (327.59 MB)

    Remember those giant robots in movies? The ones that make the ground shake when they walk? Imagine being the one to tell them what to do. Cool, right?

    MechCommander 2 lets you be the boss of those robots. You’re the commander, and these robots, called ‘Mechs,’ listen to you. But, wait! What are Mechs? Let’s find out.

    What is a Mech?

    Imagine your toy robot. Now, make it the size of a building. Add powerful weapons, thick armor, and super-smart computers. Ta-da! You have a Mech. They’re like huge, metal guardians.

    “But why would I want to command them?” you might ask. Great question!

    Why Play MechCommander 2?

    Think about this: What if you had an army of these Mechs? What if you could decide where they go, who they fight, and how they do it? Sounds like an adventure, huh?

    MechCommander 2 gives you that power. You make decisions, plan strategies, and watch as your Mechs carry out your orders. It’s like playing chess, but with robots instead of pawns!

    Battles and Strategies

    Ever played a game of tag where you had to think two steps ahead? That’s how battles in MechCommander 2 feel. You have to be smart. Each Mech has its strengths and weaknesses. Maybe one is fast but not very strong. Another might be a powerhouse but moves slowly. How will you use them?

    Remember, it’s not always about being the strongest. Sometimes, it’s about being the smartest.

    The World of MechCommander 2

    The game isn’t just about battles. There’s a whole story to explore. You’re on a planet with different groups. Some are friends; some… not so much. Everyone wants something, and they’re looking to you to help them. Or maybe stop you.

    Friends and Foes

    Imagine being in a playground. Some kids want to play with you; some don’t. In MechCommander 2, you’ll meet groups who want to be allies and others who’d rather see you leave. Knowing who to trust is a big part of the game. Can you make the right choices?

    Customize and Upgrade

    Do you have a favorite toy that you like to add stickers to or paint? In MechCommander 2, you can customize your Mechs. Add new weapons, make them faster, or give them cooler looks. It’s all up to you!

    Growing as a Commander

    Just like learning to ride a bike, the more you play, the better you get. As you face challenges, make choices, and win battles, you grow as a commander. And trust me, there’s nothing cooler than seeing your Mechs in action, all thanks to your smart decisions.


    MechCommander 2 is a world where you’re in charge of giant robots. You decide their moves, customize them, and dive deep into exciting stories. It’s an adventure, a challenge, and a lot of fun all wrapped into one.

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