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Download Nitemare 3D for PC

    Nitemare 3D
    TitleNitemare 3D
    PublishersAccurate Research
    DevelopersGray Design Associates
    Release date1994
    GenrePC Games > Shooter Game

    Download Nitemare 3D (970.81 KB)

    Nitemare 3D (1994) is a horror-themed first-person shooting video game that was developed by Gray Design Associates and published by Accurate Research. This particular game has a fast-paced action system that includes mainly four types of weapons, namely plasma gun, pistol, magic wand, and auto-repeat plasma gun. First of all, the players’ take the role of the shooter that has long-distance shooting skills and be able to carry any gun in the combat throughout the period. It is a reliable idea for the main shooter to use his entire skills and capabilities in the early stages so that he will surely deal with multiple competitors throughout the period.

    Unlocking Levels Through Killing

    The Nitemare 3D (1994) Game contains various levels, and each one is quite typical than the previous ones. When it comes to performing at any level then the main shooter must gain new skills and select the special gun, especially for dealing with a lot of enemies one by one with perfect shots. If the main shooter succeeds in killing certain numbers of opponents, then he will undoubtedly pass further levels throughout the period. After successfully leveling up by killing the monsters, the main shooter will surely unlock the next level through the end of the period.

    Unlimited Promos and Offers

    When it comes to entering in the boss level then the players must customize the shooter. When especially for boosting the shooting skills and dealing with competitors globally too. If the main shooter kills more and more enemies as per the gameplay instructions so that he will be eligible to gather unlimited promos and special offers too.

    Gathering In-Game Currencies

    The player main shooter must gather in-game currencies in all forms in the early stages of the Nitemare 3D (1994) Game. That he will surely make the best use of them in the further aspects through the end of the period.

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