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Download Oh No! More Lemmings for PC

    Oh No! More Lemmings
    TitleOh No! More Lemmings
    DevelopersDMA Design
    Release date1991
    GenrePC Games > Puzzle

    Download Oh No! More Lemmings

    Oh_No_MoreLemmings_DOS.rar (290.54 KB)

    Imagine being a tiny creature called a lemming. Lemmings are curious little things that just love to wander around. Sometimes, they end up in tricky places and need some help to find their way. That’s where you come in!

    Why is it called “Oh No! More Lemmings”?

    That’s a fun question! It’s like when you see a big pile of toys spill all over the floor and you say, “Oh no! More toys!” It means there are even more of these little guys who need your help.

    The Magical World of Lemmings

    Just like your favorite toy box, this game has different worlds filled with colors and adventures.


    Remember the sweetness of your first candy? Candyland is a place where everything looks edible. But be careful, not everything that looks sweet is friendly!

    Dreamy Clouds

    Ever wished you could touch the clouds? In this world, lemmings float among fluffy clouds and sparkling stars. But even in dreams, there are challenges.

    Why Everyone Loves This Game

    So, why do people, both kids and adults, adore “Oh No! More Lemmings”? Let’s dive in.

    It’s Brainy Fun!

    You know when you’re trying to build a tower with blocks and it keeps falling? It can be a bit tricky, right? This game is like that. It’s fun because it makes you think. And when you solve a puzzle, you feel super smart.

    Cute Characters

    Imagine if a marshmallow and a bunny had a baby. That’s how cute lemmings are! They wiggle their tiny noses, and their tiny feet go pitter-patter. It’s impossible not to love them.

    Tips to Be the Best Lemming Guide

    Want to be the best at guiding these little fellas? Here are some secret tips.

    Be Patient

    Sometimes, you might feel like screaming, “Why won’t you go the right way?!” Remember, lemmings are curious. They love to explore. Just like you wouldn’t rush a puppy learning new tricks, don’t rush the lemmings.

    Try, Try Again

    Ever tried tying your shoelaces and got them all knotted up? But after some practice, you got better, right? The same goes for this game. If you don’t get it right the first time, it’s okay. Practice makes perfect.

    So, Why Play “Oh No! More Lemmings”?

    Well, why do we swing on swings or slide down slides? Because it’s fun! And just like a great day at the park, this game gives you joy, surprises, and a little bit of brain exercise.

    Wrapping Up Our Lemming Adventure

    And there we go! We’ve journeyed through the colorful worlds, met the cute lemmings, and even learned some top tips. Remember, games are like life’s little adventures. They teach us, make us laugh, and sometimes, challenge us. But in the end, it’s all about having fun.

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