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Download Thrillville for PC

    PublishersLucasArts, Atari Europe
    DevelopersFrontier Developments
    Release date2006
    GenrePC Games > Action, Strategy

    Download Thrillville

    Thrillville_PS2_ISO_EN.7z (1.65 GB)

    What’s This Thrillville Anyway

    Imagine a huge playground, but not just swings and slides. Think roller coasters, giant candy stalls, and the most amazing games you can think of. That’s Thrillville for you!

    How Did Thrillville Come to Be?

    You see, once upon a time, someone thought, “Why not make a place where every corner is thrilling?” And voilà! Thrillville was born. Can you believe someone just dreamt of it, and then it became real? Mind-blowing, right?

    The Magical Experiences

    Roller Coasters: Riding the Sky!

    Whoosh! That’s the sound you’ll hear when you’re on one of the roller coasters. Have you ever dreamt of flying? That’s how it feels. It’s like being a bird but with a twisty, turny track below.

    Candy Paradise: A Sweet Dream Come True!

    Do you love candies? Well, who doesn’t? Thrillville has an entire section dedicated to candies. Remember those dreams where everything is made of candy? Here, it’s almost like that dream!

    Fun Games and More!

    If you thought roller coasters and candy were all, think again! Thrillville is filled with games that’ll make you shout, “One more time!” And guess what? You can win super cool prizes too.

    The Water World: Splash and Play!

    Ever thought of a place where water doesn’t just stay in a tub or a pool? In Thrillville, water comes alive! You can slide down, splash around, and even get into playful water fights. Imagine water balloons but 10 times more fun!

    Making Friends in Thrillville

    You won’t be alone in this amazing place. There are so many kids, just like you, looking to have fun. So, you might just meet your new best friend here. Isn’t it exciting to think about all the adventures you can have together?

    The Magic Behind the Scenes

    Now, Thrillville didn’t just pop up overnight. There are hard-working people who make sure everything is safe and fun. From checking the rides to making the candy, they do it all. It’s almost like they’re the wizards of our magical land!

    Keep Coming Back!

    The best thing about Thrillville is that every visit feels different. New rides, new games, and new candies keep appearing. So, every time you come back, you’ll find something new to explore. Can you think of anything cooler?


    While Thrillville is a dream come true, always remember to stay safe. Listen to the wizards (the staff) and follow the rules. That way, the fun never stops!

    In a Nutshell…

    Thrillville is more than just a park. It’s a world filled with excitement, fun, and magic at every corner. Whether it’s riding the sky or diving into a candy dream, there’s something for everyone.

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