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Download Total Distortion for PC

    Total Distortion
    TitleTotal Distortion
    PublishersPop Rocket
    DevelopersPop Rocket
    Release date1995
    GenrePC Games > Adventure

    Download Total Distortion (363.66 MB)

    Ever dreamt about a world filled with rocking guitars, neon lights, and music videos? If you said, “Yes!”, then Total Distortion is just the game for you. But what’s this game all about, you ask? Let’s hop on the fun train and find out together!

    Total Distortion: More than Just a Game

    Picture this: You’re in a universe where music is everything. It’s like being inside a rockstar’s dream! In Total Distortion, you enter a dimension made out of, well, music and distortion. Cool, huh?

    A Place Where Your Creativity Shines!

    Ever fancied being a music video director? In this game, you can! Grab your camera, choose the perfect scene, and create the most dazzling music videos ever. Who knows, maybe you’re the next big thing!

    Guitar Duels? Rock On!

    Imagine facing off in a guitar duel with crazy-looking monsters. Sounds wild, right? That’s just another day in the world of Total Distortion. And guess what? Winning these duels means earning points and fame!

    Your Tower: A Home Away From Home

    Just like you have your cozy bedroom filled with toys and posters, in this game, you get a tower. And this isn’t any old tower โ€“ it’s full of cool gadgets to help you in your musical journey.

    Snack Time! Remember the Coffee?

    Playing hard means you’ll need to refuel. Good thing you’ve got a kitchen in your tower! But a word of advice: always keep an eye on your coffee machine. Trust me, it’s important!

    Traveling Through Music Landscapes

    This isn’t your regular neighborhood with parks and playgrounds. No, sir! In Total Distortion, you’ll find landscapes made of electric guitars and notes floating around. It’s like walking in a dream!

    Dangerous Places and Tricky Challenges

    Now, every good game has some challenges, right? In Total Distortion, while many places are fun and dazzling, there are some that can be, let’s say, a little tricky. But don’t worry! With a bit of courage and creativity, you can conquer anything!

    A Jukebox Full of Tunes

    Remember when I said this game is all about music? Well, you’ve got a jukebox filled with awesome tracks. From rock to pop, choose your favorite and let the music flow!

    And Remember… It’s All About Having a Blast!

    While there might be monsters to face and challenges to overcome, the heart of Total Distortion is all about having fun, expressing yourself, and enjoying the music

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