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    Bid for Power
    Title:Bid for Power
    Publishers:Golden Hammer Software
    Developers:Golden Hammer Software
    Release date:2004

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    Bid for Power (BfP) represents a fascinating chapter in the world of gaming, particularly within the modding community. Initially released in 2004, this free multiplayer arena-style shooter was heavily inspired by the Quake III Arena engine, showcasing how creative fans can repurpose existing game mechanisms to celebrate their favorite anime and manga series. This deep dive into Bid for Power provides insights into its development, gameplay, featuresand the legacy it left behind.

    The Genesis of Bid for Power

    The development of Bid for Power commenced with a group of dedicated fans who sought to combine their love for the Quake III Arena’s fluid gameplay mechanics with their passion for anime, notably the Dragon Ball Z series. However, due to copyright concerns, initial versions resembling DBZ characters had to be significantly modified. The team pivoted their approach, creating original characters that echoed the essence of their anime inspirations while avoiding direct imitations. This change represented a pivotal moment, enabling Bid for Power to evolve into a unique entity within the mod community.

    Gameplay Mechanics

    At its core, Bid for Power preserved the fast-paced, competitive nature of arena shooters. Players could choose from a variety of characters, each with unique abilities and power levels. The game mechanics focused on ranged energy attacks, melee combatsand the strategic use of power-ups to gain the upper hand. Maps were designed with verticality in mind, encouraging players to engage in aerial battles that added a thrilling dimension to the combat. The inclusion of single-player modes alongside the multiplayer offered a well-rounded experience for various types of gamers.

    Distinctive Features

    One of the standout features of Bid for Power was its intricate character customization system. Players were not only able to select their preferred fighter but also to tailor their abilities and appearances to some extent. This feature added depth to the gameplay, allowing for a personal touch in each match.

    Furthermore, the game boasted a wide array of maps that were inspired by different anime series. These environments were not mere backdrops but played a significant role in the strategy of each match, with certain areas offering advantages or introducing challenges to the combatants.

    • Customizable characters: Adding a personal touch to fighters.
    • Diverse maps: Enhancing strategy through environmental variety.
    • Energy-based combat system: A fresh take on the arena shooter genre.

    The Community’s Role

    The longevity and success of Bid for Power can largely be attributed to its passionate community. Even after official development slowed, fans continued to create and share mods, mapsand character skins. This grassroots support ensured that the game remained dynamic and engaging years after its original release. The game’s forums and fan sites became hubs for sharing tips, organizing tournamentsand fostering friendships, showcasing the enduring power of community in the gaming world.

    Legacy and Impact

    Though Bid for Power never reached the mainstream success of the titles that inspired it, its impact on the modding community and indie game development is undeniable. It demonstrated how a group of dedicated fans could take an existing game engine and mold it into something entirely new and imaginative. Moreover, it served as an early example of the potential for fan-driven projects to create something that resonates with a wider audience, paving the way for future indie games that blend inspiration from various sources into unique gameplay experiences.

    “Bid for Power stands as a testament to the creativity and determination of the modding community.”


    Bid for Power may not be as widely recognized as other games from its era, but its contributions to the gaming community are significant. It exemplifies the potential of modding as a form of creative expression and fan engagement. By adapting the Quake III Arena engine into an anime-inspired battle arena, Bid for Power provided a unique gaming experience that still holds a special place in the hearts of its fans. As we look back on its development, gameplayand the vibrant community that supported it, we’re reminded of the boundless possibilities within the realm of video game design and development.

    In exploring the story of Bid for Power, it’s clear that it was more than just a game—it was a celebration of fandom, creativityand collaboration. Its legacy, though niche, is a powerful example of what can be achieved when passionate individuals come together to share their love for gaming and storytelling.