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Troubleshoot Windows Games

If you are having trouble playing a game on Windows, don’t worry! This guide provides several solutions to common errors. Before attempting any of the fixes, make sure that you have correctly downloaded and installed the game (follow the instructions provided). Additionally, try restarting your device and launching the game again, as this often resolves the issue.

1. How to fix missing file errors?

If you are missing files, ensure that your antivirus is not removing game files. Some antiviruses may detect game files as malware, even if they are harmless. This is known as a “false positive”. Check which files your antivirus has quarantined or deletedand attempt to restore them. You may need to redownload or reinstall the game. Then, pause your antivirus, or add the following two locations to your antivirus exclusions list:

  • The folder where you downloaded and extracted the game files.
  • The folder where you installed the game (the installation directory).

2. Download DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ (for Windows users)

Windows users will need to download DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ to play games. These downloads can be found here:

3. How to fix corrupted part errors?

If you see a “corrupted” or “corrupted parts” error, it means your download was not stableand some files are missing. Try redownloading the file and extracting it again. Ensure that your internet connection is stable during the download process, as this should prevent any corrupted parts errors from occurring.

4. How to fix a missing .dll file error?

Note: We cannot recommend a particular website for downloading .dll files. There are many websites that offer replacement .dll files, but be aware that they may be malicious.

If you are missing a .dll file, your antivirus may have removed it, which can prevent the game from running. To resolve this, try to recover the missing .dll file from your antivirus. If this fails, try redownloading and reinstalling the game with your antivirus paused. If you are still experiencing issues, leave a comment belowand we’ll send you the missing .dll file. You will need to place the file inside your game’s installation directory.

5. The game is asking me to insert a CD?

    • If the game needs to be cracked, ensure that you crack the game properly. If the game has a “Crack” folder, this should resolve the “insert a CD error”. You can learn how to do this on Windows here: click here.