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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Games Copyright Free?

Games-Download365 offers a unique collection of vintage video games, commonly known as “abandonware.” These games are no longer available for sale or supported by their original developers or publishers. The purpose of the website is to preserve and archive these games for future generations.

All games listed on Games-Download365 are hosted on, which is exempt from DMCA regulations for vintage software archiving. The website takes copyright complaints very seriously and promptly removes any games that copyright holders don’t want archived on the site. If you are a copyright holder and want a game removed, you can contact the website through the provided link.

Are all Games Virus Free / Safe? guarantees safe downloads of virus-free files. Files are usually hosted on third-party servers. The website never distributes malware or other suspicious content. If you find any questionable content in a download, please contact the website immediately.

Do I need to Pay to download?

The best part about is that it’s completely free! You don’t need to register or pay to access the vast collection of vintage games.

To preserve these games in a smaller file size, Games-Download365 compresses most files into a .zip, .rar, or .7z archive format. This leads to faster download speeds and less chance of file corruption during downloads. However, to access the original files you need to extract those files. The website’s wiki section provides tutorials on how to do this.

Different games have different controls depending upon the platform. Whenever possible, Games-Download365 includes controls for each game. “ReadMe” or “Manual” files are also available for games which are very helpful for gamers. If using an emulator, it’s best to look for tutorials on how to use emulators.

Do you accept Donations?

As Games-Download365 relies on ads for revenue, the website currently doesn’t accept donations. However, you can support the website by sharing it with your friends and family and helping it grow.