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Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat

    Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat
    TitleAdvanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat
    PublishersDeep Silver
    DevelopersTechland Sp. z o.o.
    Release date2004
    GenrePC Games > Action

    Download Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat (1.43 GB)

    Shooting games have always remained on the number one ranking for video game lovers. Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat PC Download is one such game that will stand by your expectations for a good shooting experience. You will not notice any significant changes in this game from the previous play of Chrome. But, its gameplay has become more stabilized than ever. This game starts with your taking the role of Bolt Logan who has been ditched by his partner.

    Missions in Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat

    Once you face betrayal, you get tangled with another partner. You have the mission to protect the miners who have been looking for the chrome. Chrome is one of the most valuable substances in the game. But, you will not have an exact idea regarding what this substance does or how it is important. Jumpstart Preschool and Hot wheels stunt truck driver 2 are amazing games. When you will advance in the game, you won’t even like the character of Logan.

    Logan always tries to put down his partner Carrie but still, for some reason, both of them stick together in the game. While Logan is travelling to the planet, he uses several means of blasting surroundings with the assistance of various weapons. All this is done to make a way for Logan to travel safely. In this game, you can even loot the bodies. This will just give the essence of RPG style to the game. Looting bodies gives you an upper hand in the game.

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    Number of Choices available

    You will get an ample number of choices for weapons, medkits, and various other equipment in the game. This is only possible because you need not worry about ammunition as you progress in the game. You can loot your enemy’s bodies to survive in the game. Logan also has a great advantage of implants in the game. You can try these in Disney Winney the pooh and Pettson o findus games. These implants will help to improve the ability to thicken the skin so it can bear large damages. In addition to that, it can also provide the toggling heat vision ability. This ability will allow you to see through the walls which act as a blessing in disguise for further gameplay.

    Advanced Battlegrounds has some larger environments that you can’t cover on your feet. For this, you need vehicles at your disposal. You have the flexibility to get a speeder bike or a walking tank for your needs. All the vehicles available are always easy to tackle. Some can even create great chaos for you as they are difficult to handle with terrible functionality. Vehicle combat is not a good option for combat as well. WWF Royal Rumble is one of best wrestling game in the world.

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    Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat

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