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    Flight Simulator
    Title:Flight Simulator
    Release date:1980

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    In the world of gaming, few titles have the enduring legacy of the Flight Simulator series. Its journey began in 1980, marking the advent of a genre that would captivate the imaginations of aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. This article journeys back to where it all started, exploring the inception, developmentand impact of the original Flight Simulator game.

    The Birth of a Legacy

    The origin of the Flight Simulator game can be traced back to the late 1970s, when computer programming and aviation enthusiast Bruce Artwick laid the groundwork for what would become a revolutionary gaming experience. Artwick’s vision was to create a simulation that closely mimics the real-life experience of flying an aircraft, an ambition that was both ambitious and innovative for its time. This vision came to fruition in 1980, with the release of the original Flight Simulator game, under the banner of Artwick’s company, subLOGIC.

    The game was groundbreaking, offering players the opportunity to experience the feeling of piloting an aircraft through a series of graphical environments that, while simplistic by today’s standards, were a marvel at the time. It was available on several platforms, including the Apple II, TRS-80and later on, the IBM PC, making it accessible to a wide audience of gaming and aviation enthusiasts.

    Gameplay and Features

    Flight Simulator (1980) was distinguished by its attention to detail and commitment to providing a realistic flying experience. Players could control a virtual aircraft, navigating through various landscapes and weather conditions, which were rendered using basic wireframe graphics and simple color schemes. The game included features such as:

    • Airport runways for takeoffs and landings
    • Instrument panels that provided real-time feedback
    • Navigation aids to help players find their way

    Despite its basic visuals, the game’s mechanics required players to engage with principles of real-world aviation, including understanding the effects of wind and weather, mastering the use of instruments for navigationand learning the basics of takeoff, flightand landing. This blend of education and entertainment was key to its appeal and success.

    Impact and Legacy

    The release of Flight Simulator in 1980 laid the groundwork for what would become one of the most enduring and beloved series in gaming. It didn’t just offer entertainment; it inspired countless players to delve deeper into the world of aviation, with some even pursuing careers in the field inspired by their virtual flying experiences. Over the years, the Flight Simulator series has seen numerous updates and iterations, each expanding on the realism and detail of the virtual flying experience but it all started with this simple yet revolutionary game.

    Moreover, the game’s impact extended beyond the confines of personal gaming, influencing both the development of flight training aids and the broader field of simulation-based learning. Its legacy is evident in the fact that, over four decades later, Flight Simulator is still a go-to title for anyone looking to experience the thrill of flying, albeit with far more advanced graphics and features than its 1980 predecessor could have offered.


    The Flight Simulator game of 1980 is more than just a nostalgic piece of gaming history. It represents a pioneering spirit in the world of simulation, blending educational content with entertainment in a way that was ahead of its time. While the technology has evolved immensely since its debut, the core of what made the game so appealing remains unchanged: the dream of flight. As we look back on its contributions, it’s clear that Flight Simulator wasn’t just a game—it was a gateway to the skies for manyand the beginning of a genre that continues to inspire to this day.

    In the landscape of video games, Flight Simulator (1980) stands as a testament to the power of innovative thinking and the enduring appeal of taking to the skies. As we continue to explore virtual worlds and seek experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible, the legacy of Flight Simulator serves as a reminder of where it all began. Here’s to the past, presentand future of simulated flight—a journey that continues to capture our imaginations and lift our spirits.