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Lock ‘n’ Chase Free Download

    Lock ‘n’ Chase
    Title:Lock ‘n’ Chase
    Publishers:Taito America Corporation, Mattel Electronics, G1M2, Data East Corporation
    Developers:Data East Corporation
    Release date:1982

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    In the golden age of arcade games, the early ’80s introduced a plethora of games that are considered legendary today. Among these titles is Lock ‘n’ Chase, a game that managed to capture the essence of arcade excitement while presenting a unique challenge to gamers. This article dives into the world of Lock ‘n’ Chase, exploring its gameplay, historyand lasting legacy.

    Understanding Lock ‘n’ Chase

    Released in 1982 by Data East, Lock ‘n’ Chase is a maze-based arcade game that draws inspiration from the success of Pac-Man. However, it differentiates itself with a unique mechanic and theme. Players take on the role of a thief, navigating through a maze filled with gold coins and various treasures. The objective is not just to collect valuables but also to avoid capture by the police who patrol the maze.

    The game’s standout feature is the ability to lock doors behind you. This mechanic allows players to block pursuing officers temporarily, adding a strategic layer to the game. Unlike Pac-Man, in which the layout remains static, Lock ‘n’ Chase’s door-locking ability introduces dynamic changes to the maze, making each chase exciting and unpredictable.

    Gameplay Mechanics

    Lock ‘n’ Chase is designed to test both your reflexes and strategic thinking. The game consists of several levels, each with increasing difficulty. The player navigates the thief through the maze using a joystick (or keyboard arrow keys in later versions). The screen also displays the number of lives left, the current scoreand the level number.

    • The goal is to collect all the coins and treasures within the maze while avoiding the cops.
    • Players can use the lock doors to block chasing cops temporarily. However, these doors reopen after a short period.
    • The game introduces special items like cloaks, which can make the player temporarily invisibleand money bags for extra points.
    • The complexity of the maze and the intelligence of the pursuing cops increase with each level.

    Legacy and Influence

    Though Lock ‘n’ Chase might not be as universally recognized as Pac-Man, its influence on the arcade and video game industry is undeniable. It was among the first games to introduce a dynamic environment as a core gameplay mechanic, paving the way for future titles that incorporated similar features. Additionally, its blend of strategy and action continues to inspire game developers, showcasing the enduring appeal of combining these elements in game design.

    The game was also ported to multiple platforms, including the Intellivision, Atari 2600and later, modern consoles and mobile phones through various game compilation packages. Such adaptations have allowed new generations to experience Lock ‘n’ Chase, cementing its place in video game history.

    Cultural Impact

    Lock ‘n’ Chase’s cultural impact is notable among enthusiasts of retro gaming. It’s celebrated for its simple yet addictive gameplay and is often remembered fondly in discussions about classic arcade games. The nostalgia associated with Lock ‘n’ Chaseand games like it, has contributed to the resurgence of interest in vintage video gaming and the preservation of arcade cabinets.

    Moreover, its presence in arcades during the early ’80s played a part in the social gaming culture of the time, where communities would form around the challenge of beating high scores and mastering games. Lock ‘n’ Chase was a contributor to this vibrant arcade environment, providing a unique and engaging experience for players of all ages.


    Lock ‘n’ Chase may not have the name recognition of some of its contemporaries, but its legacy is secured by its innovative gameplay and the joy it brought to players. Its strategic depth, combined with action-packed chases, ensures that it remains an enjoyable challenge for anyone who plays it. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of retro games or a newcomer curious about the classics, Lock ‘n’ Chase is a game that deserves your attention for its place in the arcade game pantheon.

    The game exemplifies the spirit of the early ’80s arcade scene, combining creativity, challengeand fun. For those looking to experience or revisit the classic arcade era, Lock ‘n’ Chase offers a unique window into a time when simple gameplay mechanics could capture the imagination and provide endless entertainment. With its doors still open for players to lock and treasures waiting to be collected, Lock ‘n’ Chase continues to be a chase worth running.