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MechCommander: Desperate Measures Free Download

    MechCommander: Desperate Measures
    Title:MechCommander: Desperate Measures
    Developers:FASA Studio
    Release date:1999

    Download MechCommander: Desperate Measures

    MechCommander: Desperate Measures is a compelling expansion to the original MechCommander game, launched in 1999. Developed by FASA Interactive and published by MicroProse, this real-time strategy game builds upon its predecessor with new missions, mechsand enhanced gameplay, offering both veterans and newcomers a challenging and engaging experience. Through strategic mech management and battlefield tactics, players lead their squad to victory in the captivating universe of BattleTech.

    What Makes MechCommander: Desperate Measures Stand Out?

    The game thrives on its strategic depth and the immersive BattleTech world. Here are the standout features:

    • New Missions: Offering over 20 new missions, players are thrust into diverse scenarios, each requiring careful planning and execution.
    • Additional Mechs: Introduces new mechs and variants, expanding the arsenal for players to customize their squads.
    • Enhanced Gameplay: Improvements in AI, graphicsand interface make the game more engaging and challenging than its predecessor.
    • Mech Customization: Players can extensively customize their mechs, choosing its weapons, armorand other components for optimum performance on the field.

    The Storyline and Campaign

    MechCommander: Desperate Measures continues the narrative from where the original game left off. Players assume the role of a MechCommander, leading a squad of mech pilots in the fictional universe of BattleTech. The campaign’s central plot involves commanding your squad through various missions to counter the threat posed by a powerful enemy, unraveling a deeper narrative of conflict and strategy.

    Gameplay Mechanics

    The essence of the game lies in its strategic approach to combat. Players must skillfully manage resources, select the right mechs for missionsand execute precise maneuvers on the battlefield. Success depends on understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different mechs, adapting to the changing dynamics of the battlefieldand efficiently using limited resources. The game offers a challenging difficulty curve that rewards thoughtful planning and tactical adaptation.

    Legacy and Impact

    The release of MechCommander: Desperate Measures contributed significantly to the RTS and BattleTech genres. Its emphasis on strategic gameplay, coupled with the customization options and immersive storyline, has left a lasting impact. The game has a dedicated fan base that appreciates its depth and complexity, making it a celebrated title in the MechCommander series and within the larger BattleTech franchise.

    Reception and Reviews

    Upon its release, MechCommander: Desperate Measures garnered positive reviews from critics and gamers alike. Its challenging missions, enhanced mechanicsand deeper strategic elements were particularly praised. Many considered it a worthy expansion, noting that it significantly built upon the foundation laid by the original game. However, as with any game, it also faced some criticism, mainly focusing on the steep learning curve and the high level of difficulty for newcomers.


    MechCommander: Desperate Measures stands as a testament to the depth and complexity that strategy games can offer. Its combination of engaging storyline, tactical gameplayand extensive customization options make it a memorable title within the RTS genre. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the BattleTech universe or a newcomer looking for a challenging strategy game, MechCommander: Desperate Measures offers a rich and rewarding experience that continues to resonate with players even decades after its release.


    • Is MechCommander: Desperate Measures standalone? No, it’s an expansion and requires the original MechCommander game to play.
    • Can MechCommander: Desperate Measures be played on modern systems? With the right compatibility settings or emulation software, it can be played on modern systems, though players may need to troubleshoot for optimal performance.
    • Where can I buy MechCommander: Desperate Measures? The availability of classic games like this can vary, but checking online game stores, digital marketplaces, or classic gaming communities may yield results.
    • Is there multiplayer in MechCommander: Desperate Measures? Yes, there is a multiplayer mode, allowing players to engage in battles against one another.

    In conclusion, MechCommander: Desperate Measures enhances and expands upon its predecessor’s formula, offering an immersive and challenging strategic experience in the rich universe of BattleTech. Its legacy as a deep and engaging strategy game ensures it remains a cherished title among fans of the genre.