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    NFL Football
    Title:NFL Football
    Publishers:Sears, Roebuck and Co., Mattel Electronics, Microsoft Game Studios
    Release date:1979

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    The National Football League (NFL) has been the premier stage for American football since its inception in 1920. Each season brings new stories, heroesand legends. However, some years stand out more than others. 1979 was one such year, remembered for its dramatic games, outstanding performancesand the palpable tension leading up to the Super Bowl. This article aims to take you back to that electrifying season, emphasizing its significance in the rich tapestry of NFL history.

    A Season to Remember

    The 1979 NFL season was marked by intense competition and memorable moments that have etched themselves into the hearts of football fans. It was a year that showcased the best of football: strategy, physicalityand the unpredictable nature of the game. Teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboysand the Los Angeles Rams were at the peak of their prowess, setting the stage for a series of unforgettable matchups.

    Key Teams and Players

    The 1979 season was not lacking in star power, with several teams and players dominating the headlines:

    • The Pittsburgh Steelers: Led by coach Chuck Noll, the Steelers were a force to be reckoned with, boasting talents like Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harrisand the “Steel Curtain” defense.
    • The Dallas Cowboys: Often termed “America’s Team,” the Cowboys, under coach Tom Landry, were among the favorites, featuring stars like Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett.
    • The Los Angeles Rams: With a formidable defense and the leadership of quarterback Vince Ferragamo, the Rams were serious contenders.

    Memorable Matches

    The road to the Super Bowl was filled with noteworthy games, but a few stand out for their intensity and the high level of play:

    1. The AFC Championship Game: The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Houston Oilers – A game remembered for its hard hits and strategic depth.
    2. The NFC Championship Game: The Dallas Cowboys vs. the Los Angeles Rams – A surprising turn of events led to an unexpected victory.

    The 1979 Super Bowl

    The climax of the 1979 NFL season was Super Bowl XIV, held on January 20, 1980. The Pittsburgh Steelers faced the Los Angeles Rams in a battle that was not only a test of physical might but of mental fortitude. Despite the Rams’ valiant effort, the Steelers, led by Terry Bradshaw’s MVP performance, claimed victory, securing their fourth Super Bowl title.

    “Today we did what we had to do. We will be remembered as the team of the decade.” – Terry Bradshaw, after winning Super Bowl XIV.

    Legacy and Impact

    The 1979 NFL season is more than just a collection of games; it’s a chapter in the ongoing story of American football. Its impact can be felt in several ways:

    • Inspiration for Future Generations: The performances and characters of the 1979 season have inspired countless young athletes to pursue football.
    • Evolution of the Game: Strategic innovations seen during this season have influenced how football is played today.
    • Fan Engagement: The dramatic season and its culmination in Super Bowl XIV played a significant role in enhancing NFL’s popularity.


    The 1979 NFL season was a testament to the power of sports to captivate and inspire. Through the efforts of remarkable teams and the athleticism of legendary players, it delivered memorable moments that continue to resonate. As we look back, it stands as a reminder of why we love the game of football, emphasizing heart, strategyand the pursuit of excellence.

    In the grand scheme of the NFL’s century-long history, 1979 may be just one year. However, its stories, triumphsand lessons hold a cherished place in the heart of the league and its fans, making it an indelible part of the NFL’s legacy.