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    Tooth Invaders
    Title:Tooth Invaders
    Publishers:Commodore Business Machines, Inc
    Developers:Commodore Business Machines, Inc
    Release date:1981

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    In 1981, the world of video games was treated to a unique and educational title that stood out for its innovative approach to teaching dental hygiene through gameplay. This game, known as Tooth Invaders, was developed for the Commodore 64, a popular home computer at the time. Unlike typical arcade or adventure games of the era, Tooth Invaders focused on teaching players the importance of oral care in a fun and interactive manner. Let’s delve into the world of Tooth Invaders and understand why it holds a special place in the history of video games.

    The Gameplay of Tooth Invaders

    Tooth Invaders was designed with a simple yet engaging gameplay mechanic. The player’s main objective was to keep a mouthful of teeth clean and protected from various threats. These threats included food particles and germs that aimed to decay the teeth. Players controlled a small character equipped with a toothbrush to combat these dangers, emphasizing the importance of brushing.

    The game was divided into levels, with each level increasing in difficulty. As players progressed, the speed and number of invaders (germs and food particles) would increase. This necessitated quicker reactions and strategic planning to ensure the teeth remained clean and healthy. Failure to protect the teeth from invaders would result in a tooth decay and the eventual loss of the game.

    Educational Impact and Legacy

    Tooth Invaders was more than just a game; it was an educational tool designed to instill good dental hygiene habits among its players. By gamifying the concept of tooth brushing and oral care, it provided a fun and memorable way for children (and adults) to understand and appreciate the importance of keeping their teeth clean. Its legacy, while niche, contributed to a small but meaningful shift in how games could be used for educational purposes.

    Despite its age, Tooth Invaders paved the way for future educational games that blend learning with fun. It demonstrated that video games could have a positive impact on daily habits and health awareness, extending beyond mere entertainment. Though technology has advanced and gaming has evolved, the creative spirit of Tooth Invaders remains relevant, inspiring modern educational game designs.

    Why Tooth Invaders is Remembered

    • Unique Concept: At a time when video games were primarily focused on space battles, adventuresand sports, Tooth Invaders stood out for its unique focus on dental hygiene.
    • Educational Value: It was one of the early examples of a game designed with an educational purpose, proving that games could teach valuable lessons in an engaging way.
    • Nostalgia: For those who played it during their childhood, Tooth Invaders brings back memories of a time when video games were simpler yet profoundly imaginative.

    Today, Tooth Invaders serves as a fascinating glimpse into the past, showcasing how creative ideas in video gaming were being explored even in the early ’80s. Its commitment to blending education with entertainment remains an inspiring story for game developers and educators alike.


    Tooth Invaders, though not as widely known or celebrated as some of the era’s blockbuster games, holds a special place in the history of video games. Its innovative approach to combining gameplay with dental education serves as a testament to the creative possibilities within the gaming industry. As we look back on this unique title from 1981, we’re reminded of the potential video games have to educate, entertainand inspire positive habits. Tooth Invaders may have been a small step in the world of educational gaming, but it was a giant leap in showcasing the power of interactive learning.

    In an era where educational games continue to evolve and impact learners worldwide, Tooth Invaders stands as a pioneering example of how games can exceed entertainment and venture into the realm of education. This classic game not only cleaned imaginary teeth but also planted the seeds for a richer, more diverse understanding of what video games can achieve.